The TEFLMaster online curriculum is your starting point to a successful career teaching English as a Foreign Language.

Our standard
60-hour online certificate forms the foundation of your teacher training.

Completing the core teaching and grammar sections online will kick-start your readiness for in-person practicum teaching experience and accelerate your pathway to a teaching adventure in Asia. 

The TEFLMaster online curriculum is your starting point to a successful career teaching English as a Foreign Language.

This 60-hour certificate accompanies our 120-hour, in-person practicum to form the foundation of the standard TEFLMaster certificate.

The online curriculum course is hosted in a learning management system, with both desktop and mobile capabilities. All content is asynchronous — meaning you can log on when and where you want to complete the required activities. (Some assessment does require the submission of materials for review; we suggest you have a non-school affiliated Google Drive/Docs account for ease of use and submission.)

The online curriculum is split into two segments — the core teaching curriculum, and the required grammar review. You’ll be enrolled in two separate LMS courses to tackle these items, and you can complete each of the segments at your convenience.

Each section has reading and video components, plus assessments designed to test your learning and comprehension. We’ve deliberately focused on the aspects of teaching English that most apply to success in the classroom, especially with younger (aged. 6-26) students (versus common certifications programs designed to highlight teaching business English to adults.

What Will I learn? The Sample Syllabus

The Primary segment consists of 12 modules — a TEFL Overview, the Principles of Learning, the Principles of Teaching, Planning a Lesson, Delivering a Lesson, Activities, Designing a Sample Lesson, Classroom Management, Teaching Reading, Teaching Speaking, Teaching Writing, and Teaching Listening.

The Grammar segment consists of two modules — Language and Lexis and Verb Tenses. This should serve as a functional review of some grammar items you learned once upon a time and have adopted as second nature — but need to understand, recall, and share as you lead in your classroom.

Once you’ve finished these two online segments, your 60-hour certificate can serve as a foundational element for your classroom/hiring experience. Some English centers will be thrilled with the 60-hour certificate as a pathway to trial teaching assignments. Better English centers will want you to initiate and complete an in-person practicum supplement as a qualification for your provisional teaching assignment.  

Completion of both online segments is a requirement to attend the TEFLMaster in-person practicum. Students with 50% completion can register for the in-person practicum, and final completion must be accomplished by the first in-person practicum session.

Why TEFLMaster?

There are many, many, many websites, blogs, coupon sites and certification programs out there on the internet that claim to satisfy your requirements to get started as a TEFL teacher.

Only TEFLMaster was built to help you reach success in the areas that you are likely to teach in Asia — in classrooms with younger students eager to absorb both language and culture in their quest to learn new things and improve their learning and career prospects.

With our online curriculum — and our in-person practicum experiences — you’ll be well on your way to securing a first-job in language centers around Asia, and armed with the foundation and platform to make the most of your adventure (both in classroom success and establishing a career path).

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